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Your "gift" is one of the first books to take the time and effort to remind us all of the importance of the "full meal deal." The Q&As between Eddie and David are well stated, well positioned, and provide for an innocent easy read in its most wonderful prose.

Charlie O.
St. John's, Newfoundland


For the first half of his life, David Duncan lived with a closed heart and mind – chasing all the wrong things to make him happy. At 43, it started . . . an influx of powerful messages and experiences that challenged his conventional beliefs, his fixed ways. This led to a path of self discovery and insight; he learned where happiness truly came from – and the meaning of his life. He was reborn.

Now, forty years later, with cancer ravaging his body, David knows he must act fast. It was time to reveal everything to his Crystal grandson, Ryan.

With his grandson seated by his hospital bed, David relives many pinnacle moments from his past – his first childhood crush, the ‘little man on his shoulder’, words from his hockey coach, and memories of his childhood friends, and more.

A Gift From Grandpa is about a man who awakened from the trance of life, lived his purpose, and now has the opportunity to pass the torch to his grandson.

Will the legacy continue?
Book Details
Published: March 6, 2012
Published by: Balboa Press
Edited by: Della Fequet
Genre: Fiction / General
Pages: 318
Size: 5.5×8.5 B/W
978-1-45254-642-1 (Softcover)
978-1-45254-640-7 (Hardcover)
978-1-45254-641-4 (E-Book)