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Great lessons to be learned.... The ending made me smile.
    Are there more books in your future? I sure hope so!

Liane W.
Pembroke, Ontario

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Since the age of nine, Kirby J. Gallagher sensed 'a little man on his shoulder' who was both watchman and councilman. This invisible presence shared guidance through whispers – heard and felt – that led to countless synchronicities.

Raised in a small town in eastern Ontario - with his seven brothers and sisters, parents, and grandfather - Gallagher developed a special connection with his surroundings and nature. Most notable was the bond with his grandfather. When he left home for college at 18, he grew away from the simplicity and harmony of his youth and became drawn into the hustle and bustle of city life. But, he never forgot his grandfather or the little man on his shoulder.

As a graduate of Real Estate and Property Management from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Gallagher embarked along the real

estate path and worked locally with numerous companies in commercial real estate management, and over time, grew into a higher position on a national level. After twenty-plus years, he began to feel a subtle angst that wouldn’t subside. In search of its source, he entered through a doorway that led to his awakening and the writing of A Gift from Grandpa.

A Gift from Grandpa captures many of Gallagher's experiences.