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Being witness and participant to the unfolding of this wonderful book has been joyful and most enlightening. Manifest in grandpa are numerous characteristics quietly present in the author. The pen is a most eloquent and revealing form of expression.

    Sheila Gallagher


Twenty five years ago there was an influx of great reading. New authors were willing to expose their beliefs. Then, it moved into mainstream. Normal readers were exposed to spiritual concepts through fiction and adventure that offered multiple examples of what was once a taboo subject. However, your "gift" is one of the first that has taken the time and the effort to remind us all of the importance of the "full meal deal." The Q&A between Eddie and David are well stated, well positioned, and provide for an easy read in its most wonderful prose.
    Spirit has certainly taken your hand, empowered your confidence, and enabled you to freely flow knowledge that will move to summarily influence, educate, and remind all of the importance of spirit in its largest sense.
    Well done. Well stated. Timely.

Charlie O.
St. John's, Newfoundland

After reading A Gift from Grandpa, I wanted to start reading the book over again. I found it to be an easy, enjoyable read with thought provoking ideas on what is often such a difficult subject. It really is worth reading more than once.

Diane K.
Thunder Bay, ON

Thank you for your book; it was certainly very thought provoking! It came into my hands at an interesting time, which further strengthens my belief that everything happens for a reason ... people coming into your life, certain events, or even losing a friendship. This also holds true to the timing of obtaining a copy of your book. My wife and I have experienced incidents over the years that make us believe that there is in fact someone watching over us and orchestrating our life events.

Greg J.
Ottawa, ON