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Gallagher pours much of his life experiences into his protagonist David Duncan, a man clinging to life in order to fulfill a promise made to his 10-year-old Crystal grandson.

Great book! I feel like I could read it another five times and still learn something new each time."

Stephanie B.
Ottawa, Ontario

Passing the Torch to His
Crystal Grandson

Gold stars, root beer, rainbow trout, and their own special handshake forged an unbreakable bond, but only David knew that his grandson was a Crystal child. David shared the same gift and made a promise to unveil its secrets to the boy, and pass on the legacy.

Now, nestled beside his grandpa's hospital bed, unaware of what he is about to hear and the gift he is about to receive, young Ryan eagerly awaits the story of his grandfather's quest for meaning, purpose, understanding of himself and this world, and his gift.

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